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captivative listening

As the consumer market continues to skew younger, it has become essential for audio manufacturers to develop and foster experiences that appeal to these new generations.


intuitive beauty

Technology is transforming the cosmetics and skin care industries. Widely popular brands like e.l.f. Cosmetics and Ulta Stores are implementing innovative solutions to foster deeply engaging shopper communities. Such creative parnterships are the reulst of darko’s insights based design aptitude and ability to adapt quickly in a highly competitive and fast moving category.

imaginative design

Aligned with Buy Buy Baby and a host of emerging brands from the thriving infant category, darko  collaborates with retailer and brand teams to design and execute a variety of shopper centric solutions.


Insights & Market Research

Custom Merchandising Solutions

Inventive Retail Technology

Assembly, Distribution, Warehousing & Inventory Control

Field Compliance & Life of Program Maintenance

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