“Let Success Be Your Noise” – Walmart Onn Roku

exclusive tech unveils immersive CX

As the consumer market continues to skew younger, it has become essential for audio manufacturers to develop and foster experiences that appeal to these new generations.  Roku is “all in” with the introduction of their new Smart Soundbar.  Designed to combine audio &  streaming, this extension to at home entertainment launched Roku into the audio segment, a new venture for the brand.   darko’s in-house techlab collaborated with Roku engineers to develop an exclusive in-store technology that would showcase the Onn Smart Soundbar’s premium audio-  elevating the sensory experience in physical retail spaces.

The program objective was to create a 4 foot environment that would demonstrate the co-branded Onn/Roku Smart Soundbar and Subwoofer in conjunction with featuring Walmart’s electronics branded Onn TV. The solution also needed to incorporate future space planning for additional audio products.

The Challenge: 

With the Smart Soundbar & Subwoofer each being sold individually the platform had to introduce the soundbar independently as well as paired with the subwoofer for the expanded CX and ultimately building the sale. In addition, wiring was needed to deliver the optimal experience in a retail space forcing developers to be inventive in order to convey the “wireless” proposition.

The Solution:

  • An LED synchronization to spotlight the audio elements in harmony with the Walmart Onn TV content
  • A shopper engagement journey that begins with the Onn Smart Soundbar & TV activation and as the on-screen video advances, they are visually cued that the subwoofer is triggering to amplify the bass and overall sound
  • Custom firmware engineered to parallel LED activity  & optimization of audio
  • Collaboration with Roku Brand Team on content development, media player/firmware &  BrightAuthor programming for content optimization
  • Incremental investment to implement the unique process for wood grain on metal finish
  • Impression of dimensional logos & font achieved via cost effective multi-surface printing
  • CX LED lighting timed to synchronize – visual cues & sound
  • Accounted for ease of access  for field maintenance and updates – drawer with micro SD card and changeable magnetic graphics

Success Factors:

  • 99% Compliance in 2 Weeks
  • 3,100 units globally sourced – fully integrated in China facilities
  • Off-Shore Production – direct distribution via CA point of entry from China facility to WM DC’s
  • Hosted training sessions for installation – darko HQ & Dallas, TX with all 3rd party merchandising teams 
  • time in motion study & mock install
  • War room for live field monitoring & support
  • Display longevity target 3 years+
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