making a splash

New brands are resonating with today’s younger generation of shoppers and retailers are jumping on board to showcase these products  as category drivers.  darko continues to partner with specialty retailers and boutique brands to deliver exciting new experiences in physical spaces, where fastidous clients are seeking to educate themselves and gain access to stylish must-haves.

  • The infant category is surging because of brands like Elvie, Fridababy & Fridamom.   They promise to make our lives a little easier while creating emotional connections through product discovery & offering new life experiences.
  • Sodastream is “shaking up” the sparkling water category and emerging as the front-runner in “bubbles”. This Bed, Bath & Beyond end-cap solution was meticulously executed to launch bubly drops™, the first North American initiative for the brand partnership for PepsiCo.
  • Every monitor has a different mission. How about a 30% increase in sales for the category!  In collaboration with Buy Buy Baby and a variety of brand product teams, darko transformed the baby monitor department into an engaging, interactive, education  hub. A successful 5 store test expanded into a chainwide execution.
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