Baby wonder

category expertise

New brands are resonating with today’s younger generation of shoppers and retailers are jumping on board to showcase these products  as category drivers.  darko continues to partner with specialty retailers and boutique brands to deliver exciting new experiences in physcial spaces, where fastidous clients are seeking to educate themselves and gain access to stylish baby must-haves.

Every monitor has a different mission

30% increase in sales for the category.  In collaboration with Buy Buy Baby and the product teams from a wide distrubtion of brands, darko transformed the monitor department into an engaging, interactive, education  hub.  Using modern material finishes to eleveate appeal, the solution enabled curious shoppers to personalize their interaction by selecting to learn more about products of interest.  A successful 5 store test was executed chainwide in 2019 and is undergoing it’s first update in 2020.  The program goals included


  • Creating an environment or “valley” of baby monitors to elevate the in-store experience for expecting mom’s offering out of box products and videos for expanded learning.  
  • Centralize products for ease in trial and comparison
  • Create a  premium look and feel to the high end/very profitable category
  • Act as a resource for associates to gain confidence in product knowledge
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