Global Reach

Time, logistics, quality & cost efficiencies are the supply chain benefits our clients value.

Darko has controls in place to own and manage the entire merchandising development path. We provide our clients due process from design to the ultimate in-store shopper experience.

We offer exclusive technology development and multiple paths of production that fluctuate from full off-shore to a blend of global & domestic.

OEM Sourcing

Whether a merchandising solution is independent or multi-faceted, we assess the needs of our clients to ensure the most prompt & efficient sourcing of all hardware and electronics components.


Fixture production and full integration is performed in our various China facilities. At this stage, many of our clients also elect to incorporate the development of exclusive technologies into the process. On-site visits are also conducted to ensure efficiencies and quality control are being met at all stages of manufacturing.


Universal points of distribution for activation throughout the globe enable us to ensure a valuable supply. Delivery from our factories is supported via Hong Kong, Chino, CA and in EMEA for the United Kingdom & Germany. Services include receiving, pack-out, distribution and warehousing.

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