We start with the desired customer experience & develop in reverse

Whether it is inventing a new user interface, integrating into your product, or testing your electronics in our ESD-safe facility, darko’s techlab is ready to bring your concepts to reality!


Our in-house team of electrical and computer engineers specialize in designing custom electronics for the rigors of retail. We create industry leading customer experiences using the building blocks of commercial grade monitors, media players, and custom circuits.







Have an idea? We can bring it to life through our firmware & software development. Our developers work tirelessly to create applications tailored for retail.

  • Fluent in 9 programming languages
  • Skilled in behind the scenes communication protocols to customer facing touchscreen apps. 
  • Data drives business – we measure, collect, & visualize the information so that you can make educated decisions.



Blending technology and creativity is our passion! We work with global brands to integrate our electronics with their products for the ultimate CX.

Our networking, communication, & connectivity solutions work harmoniously to blur the lines between the physical & digital shopping experiences.

In house systems and process engineering ensure that your electronics are 100% QC tested, UL certified, and retailer compliant.


explore our technology

Check out some of our latest and greatest work below and get in touch with sales to learn more about how the darko tech lab can help you bring your display to life!

Our portfolio of work includes:

  • Commercial grade battery and HD screens
  • Standalone and integrated media players
  • Custom sensors
  • Custom controllers
  • Audio players
  • Architectural lighting
  • Lighting controllers
  • Consumer electronics integration
  • Motorized animatronics
  • Android app development
  • BrightAuthor app development
  • Voice control and simulation
  • Computer vision
  • Power solutions


Moen Voice & QR/Mobile

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Thermador Wireless Activation

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Home Automation Simulation

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Lift & Launch

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Endless Aisle Purchase at POS

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Category & Product Navigation

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