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personalization boosts the in-store experience

2020’s Shop! OMA Display of the Year Winner. This interactive end-cap introduces shoppers to Arlo’s suite of smart home security products. The elevated shopper experience features innovative “touchless” capacitive buttons and a commercial grade LCD to deliver a seamless interaction with visual product demonstrations.

The Thermador showroom kiosk offers individual control as shoppers navigate through the many options linked to Thermador’s Connected Kitchen.  The on-line solution was developed to provide visual product demonstrations that would engage visitors pre/post appointments and increase overall dwell time.  The design delivers real-time dashboard analytics and has display health monitored by the darko techlab.  A push/pull data system enables scheduling for content management and routine updates. The flexible display presents the opportunity for both self-help and an associate assisted resource and was created for counter and free standing environments. 

Experience Thermador

Experience Display of the Year winner Arlo Home Security

LCD informs & inspires

LCD’s, touchscreens & tablets provide shoppers with a space in which to be entertained, engaged & ultimately experience more personalized demonstrations and expanded product knowledge opportunities. Integration of these tactics offers ease of use & convenience when a dedicated sales associate is unavailable or a shopper prefers self-help options. Visually interactive programs have proven to drive double digit sales growth in display locations with displays versus those without. Created with portability and/or reuse, executions can be easily transitioned to alternate store locations or between retailers.

Out of box product accompanied by beneficial content provides shoppers with the information they seek at the point of purchase.

LED attracts

With proven benefits to the retailer, category & brand LED enhancements are being utilized for different tactics throughout the store. A qualitative research study confirmed that shelf lighting promotes trade up, facilitates navigation & elevates shopper perceptions of a product, segment, category or total department. The study was conducted during a 10 store test and results were so overwhelming that the program was expanded chain wide and was identified as a Best-In-Class execution.

  • Backlighting on static graphics draws attention & increases brand awareness
  • Programmable sequencing communicates a process or multiple product applications
  • Overhead enhancements lure shoppers from a distance
  • Create aisle disruption with product platforms, aisle violators, showcases & informational light boxes
  • Elevate shopper perceptions over/under shelf enrichment on premium product lines
  • Guide shoppers via product navigation tactics

audio entertains

Sensory marketing creates a powerful physical connection by engaging shoppers’ senses. Incorporating audio into a display delivers a form of entertainment and a medium for brand, product or promotional information. As shoppers increasingly search for new experiences and emotional stimulation, in store merchandising efforts must consider multi-sensory solutions offering sight, sound & touch. Product trial and sound comparison are also critical elements of securing conversion with shoppers in store.

  • 88% of shoppers want to demo consumer electronics in store before purchasing.
  • 76% want the ability to compare the sound quality of audio systems, voice activation assistants, portable speakers and headphones.

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