Is the Aisle of The Future Here?

The term “Endless Aisle” has been thrown around the Darko offices pretty regularly as of late, and it is no surprise with the rising percentage of shoppers ditching the stores for an online shopping experience every year. But can we honestly say that retailers are understanding what “Endless Aisle” means and adapting to this shifting shopper mentality?

According to this article from, Walmart, the second largest online retailer next to CVS according to, is well on its way to strengthening its digital relationship with its online customers through AI machine learning of the shoppers habits, likes and preferences. WalmartLabs Vice President of Customer Experience, Laurent Desegur, is quoted saying “We’re essentially creating a bridge where we are enhancing the shopping experience through machine learning. This is what we call the digital relationship. We want to make sure there is a seamless experience between what customers do online and what they do in our stores.”

It will be interesting to see which retailers start adopting similar tactics to leverage their existence in the minds of the shoppers who are living in an ever changing retail landscape. Check out the full article here, and let us know your thoughts down in the comments section!


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