third party integration

This unique solution was developed to solve for retail outlets where access to Wi-Fi is a challenge. The technology offers an interactive, off-line experience that demonstrates a “live” at-home encounter while in-store.

The simulated connectivity between voice activation products, home automation partner products and an LCD screen allows the shopper to visualize how everything works together. The display showcases how the shopper benefits from home automation, the ease of use and simplification to their everyday lives. 

This solution has been executed by numerous voice assistant and smart home/home automation brands. The display can live in-aisle, on an end- cap or as a stand alone engagement. The technology can be expanded to a multi-brand/vendor solution to explicate a universal approach to voice activated at home occasions.

upright LED power system

endless aisle connectivity​

The options are limitless. In a growing digital society, it is critical that brick-&-mortar stores are in the forefront and providing a platform that builds an identity for the store experience, brings personalization to life & extends fulfillment options to satisfy shoppers in physical locations.

Endless aisle provides POP options for shoppers to search for specific products that may be out of stock or only available on-line right at the POS. Endless aisle creates a seamless engagement and eliminates shoppers from abandoning a purchase when their needs are not immediately available. Solutions can link directly to a retailers product page and instantly transfer to mobile devices for order and shipment requests.

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