Global Capabilities

New brands are resonating with today’s younger generation of shoppers and retailers are jumping on board to launch trendy, relative product lines where they have identified such opportunities.

In partnership with Target, darko designed and produced several variations of a new listening station for the debut of their successful Heyday Bluetooth Headphones and Bluetooth Speakers. Executed in June 2018, three production considerations were reviewed to ensure cost efficiencies and product superiority.

  1. Domestic Production, Assembly, Pack-out and Distribution to Target DCs
  2. Import Production, Domestic Assembly, Pack-out and Distribution to Target DCs
  3. Import Production, Assembly, Pack-out and Distribution to Target DCs

Import was selected and included the following:

  • darko’s China Factory manufactured all metal, plastic & graphic display components
  • Electronics vendors produced to spec in China, QC/QA processes were implemented and finished goods were sent to an assembly facility
  • Collaboration with Bluetooth headphones and speaker manufacturer to configure and transfer demo electronics that functioned properly with the display technology
  • 100% inspection rate on all finished goods and delivered in shipping containers for export to domestic Target DC’s

Features of the 12” Bluetooth Headphones Display:

  • Designed to align with existing category displays
  • Future proofed to merchandise additional products
  • Concealed hard wiring for USB and 3.5mm audio cable from audio player to headphones
  • Updateable magnetic graphics
  • LED push buttons for shopper control of product
    • Play/Pause/Next Track
    • Volume

Features of the 24” Bluetooth Speakers Display:

  • Designed to house 2 products
  • Hole pattern in display base allows updating with future BT speaker products
  • Updateable Magnetic Graphics
  • LED Push Buttons
    • Product Selector/Pause/Next Track
    • Volume control
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