a collaborative partnership

e.l.f.’s primary goal was to elevate their brand through the design of a luxurious fixture that maximized facings and created disruptions in the beauty aisle.  To achieve this, store surveys were conducted to identify “best in class” practices and bi-weekly team meetings were conducted to define challenges and what the potential improvements should be. Following at store execution, a study on the “affects of accent lighting” in the cosmetic category will be conducted by darko’s ConsumerLab.

This partnership began as e.l.f. transformed  from an on-line start-up to an expanded physical retail presence. The e.l.f. team was intrigued & impressed with darko for our “soup to nuts” approach, research, design to execution process and superior customer service. darko’s core values & philosophies also aligned with e.l.f’s corporate structure and principles.

Our first collaboration was for an execution at Loblaw’s in Canada. With minimal direction form brands on fixturing (vs. mass merchandiser co-ops & guidelines) darko was asked to step into a program already in process and was selected based on our  thorough follow-up and install compliance reputation. The team was also awarded multiple “starter” programs to gain the essence of  e.l.f’s design & branding approach. This included the development of various touch & learn tray systems for Target stores. 

A CVS initiative rolled out in 2017 to 1,425 doors & 14 plan-o-grams. Again, e.l.f.’s decision was driven by our ability to execute and the assurance of a seamless rollout. The design which considered fixture modularity for POG modifications and expanded  brand space was also a key factor.

Darko is valued as an industry “outsider” with the strength and knowledge needed to promote the cosmetics category by employing innovation that has been developed for other categories. Our design capabilities along with our ability to move quickly and adapt to changes has launched opportunities with Meijer, Ulta and Rite-Aid stores in 2018.

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