Darko is Expanding!

In recent news, Crain’s Cleveland Business caught up with Darko about their plans to combine their two current Twinsburg locations into one building in the neighboring suburb of Bedford Heights.

Vice President of Operations, Derek Rinicella, was interviewed by Crain’s Cleveland to explain how Darko has evolved as a company since the Rinicella brothers purchased it from their father over 17 years ago. Derek quoted to Crain’s, “We’re a custom company, mainly working with brands but also with retailers. We’re very heavy into technology, LCD screens, a lot of motion, a lot of audio.”

With programs such as the Whirlpool 3X refrigerator, where Darko produced over 2,000 displays that went into Lowe’s and Home Depot stores nation-wide, it is no wonder the company is in need of the extra space to house sales offices, technology development, marketing, finance, printing, testing, assembly/production, and warehousing all under one roof.

Want to read the full article from Crain’s Cleveland Business? Check it out here!

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